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later tonight of isolated storms. a few more tomorrow afternoon. for the rest of this monday, hot and humid temperatures will fall into the a's. we will have a lot more on this extended heat wave in just a few minutes. >> heat advisories are in effect for 17 states from texas to michigan. the extreme heat will be moving towards the east, temperatures in the hundred have already become the norm. >> millions of people are coping with misery inducing weather and they will be for some time. that heat could be in our backyard soon. workers in omaha neb., are tossing dice into a pool to cool off swimmers. medical professionals are seeing dehydration cases store. >> they are complaining of dizziness, weakness. they may start to exhibit some
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signs of confusion. >> heat warning advisories have been issued in 20 states. states stretching from texas to minnesota have already topped 100 degrees today. they have been suffering under an oppressive heat wave for an extended period of time. the 72-year-old woman. >> the heat index could near 110 degrees in chicago. >> i feel like i am taking another shot or. >> all of that heat is expected to stick around for days. this is what we may all feel like before long. >> we are sweltering and we are asking for some relief. houston is hot as blazes. >> conditions are considered dangerous. >> water and sunscreen hats. >> by the end of the week, it could get the 90-degree mark in
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40 out of 50 states. >> for more on the temperatures the rest of the week, go to switching gears it was a scary afternoon at a d.c. barbershop. a man stumbled into a barbershop in southeast washington after he was shot outside. the shooting shut down the street for hours. we are live on the scene with what happened. >> from what we can tell, it started as an altercation between two men on the street. one of the men left briefly and came back with a gun and began shooting. for the next several hours this area was a crime scene. it was shortly before noon when shots rang out on martin luther king near malcolm x. he was sitting in a barber chair. >> it sounded like it was a jackhammer. >> according to people in the area the victim was shot
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multiple times as he stood in front of the pizza place. emergency workers found the victim in a barbershop. he staggered in seeking help. >> we know the guy, obviously. we were going to help the guy. >> i have known him since he was 5 years old. i came up here on the avenue to find out what was going on. >> shell casings littered the sidewalk. a light shooting that was not that unusual. >> we have shootings that take place from time to time. i am sure that it will not be the last one. >> as for a motive, were on the street was the victim who was horsing around. >> the guy did not want to play. >> authorities are seeking to the shooter said to wear dreadlocks, a white t-shirt with
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red on its. people here say the victim was conscious when he left the scene. police say the victim's injuries are serious, but they believe he will survive. he is not guilty of committing dozens of crimes. earlier today, a federal jury convicted jason scott of more than 50 of burglaries. harmed carjackings and possession of child pornography. he is facing up to 97 years in prison. he is accused of murdering delores' to wait and her daughter in 2009. he is expected -- he is expected to go on trial in november. the school bus caught on fire. here are some pictures from this morning. the fire started in the engine
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and quickly spread the what the boss. there were no children on the bus. the driver was able to get out safely. two drivers were treated for smoke inhalation. the driver of the tour bus that crashed outside of rochester, new york, said the trip was going along normally until the pilot light blue. -- blew. able out caused the crash. the buses tires were just a few months old. a stark warning from d.c. police. people do use a popular running and biking trail are increasingly falling prey to criminals. in other cyclist was robbed at gunpoint as today. this happened on the metropolitan branch trail. we are live with reaction to this growing crime spree. >> a man standing on the edge of
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this train pulled a gun on a cycle is just a few hours ago. he ordered them to stop and demanded his cell phones and his wallet. this is the third such robbery on this trail and the past few days. . been about 10 and the last couple of months. >> a cyclist -- the metropolitan branch trail is in the shadow of the red line. it runs to a thicket of lighted buildings and urban and history. the trial takes cyclists and pedestrians from downtown d.c. all the way to silver spring. they are out of sight at times and free of danger from the killer traffic. >> i am afraid of being robbed. i am afraid of the criminal element that is on this trail. >> police stepped up patrols and the area and made an arrest. it looked like the effort paid off. in the past few days, to more people have been dropped. in one incident, the suspects brandished a gun.
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>> i use it all the time. >> cyclists have company from the guardian angels. they got a call from help after the most recent incident. >> we are out to three hours a day. >> those to use this trail are rethinking their path to and from work. >> i probably will not ride this trail at night. >> some travelers applaud the security camera, but more needs to be done. >> i am scared to just come down here and walk my dog. >> 3 such robberies on this trial in the past few days. no serious injuries so far but police are warning anyone who is cycling or jogging that if they see someone standing off to the side turnaround. go away, called 911. we have some breaking news coming in from the foggy bottom metro station. there are major escalator
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problems at the northwest washington station. repair crews were able to get bthe up escalator is working again. at one point, there were no escalators working. >> in this heat, that is a tough problem. a pair of robbers broke into a dunkin donuts. it happened last friday night on singapore route. surveillance video captured the burglars in the act. the pair broke a window to get into the store and tried to open the cash register. it is unclear if they got any money before they left. a prince george's county developer is pleading guilty to corruption charges. he pleaded guilty in march to conspiracy and tax evasion. prosecutors say that he and his
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colleagues bribed state and local government officials in exchange for favors. he worked for the county fire department at the time. he is facing up to 10 years in prison. we of developing news about the phone hacking scandal has taken a deadly turn tonight. the news of the world report is now dead. his death does not appear suspicious. the death comes hours after the resignations in connection with this council. we have delayed this. " one day it after the top cop resigned in the newspaper phone tapping scandal, a top deputy has followed his former boss called the door. the assistant commissioner was under fire for failing to pursue evidence of widespread telephone hacking by the news of the world. both men denied wrongdoing. >> i had no knowledge of this practice.
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or to the extent of its. >> on sunday, the former editor was arrested. all eyes are on it james murdoch. he admits topanga million dollars for a soccer star whose fault was illegally hiked. >> it was a particular settlement that i authorized. it was made with information that was incomplete. i asked it on the advice of executives and lawyers. that is a matter of regret for me personally. >> the scandal could have repercussions in the u.s.. it includes fox tv and fox news. >> there is the moral turpitude clause in the sec regulation that you have to be certified to be a good carrier. >> rupert murdoch and james murdoch will all be -- will all appear before a committee to answer questions.
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it is certain to be another dramatic day. coming up, a fire spreads at a local boat club destroying the number of boats. investigators are searching for a cause. >> a fire blazes through a music festival and takes down the main stage. >> i was shocked to see them. >> you will see what happened when this curette took matters into its on paws during a robbery. >> woman: saving for our child's
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captioned by the national captioning institute if you worry about when your children drive with their grandparents, wait until you hear this. >> a new study says that kids may be safer with their grandparents behind the wheel. >> the study published in today's journal of pediatrics is turning a lot of heads. do you think that your kids are not as safe as when they're in
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the car when their grandparents? you might want to think again. >> they just think of grandparents. they have to be old and decrepit. >> approaching 90 years old she begs to differ. even when it comes to driving. >> i drive slower. i did not have to speed anywhere. >> that could be why kids may be safer when their grandparents are driving. researchers looked at five years worth of crash data that included 12,000 children. grandparents were driving in 10% of all car accidents. >> lot of times they are retired and they are spending their days doing what they want to do. they are not in a hurry. i have places to go and things to do. >> creatures are found that nearly all children were either in car seats -- researchers
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found that nearly all children had a car seat or seat belts on when they were driving with grandparents. >> i do have to admit that i always install the seat for them. i know that they get confused. >> teach grandma and grandpa have to use the safety seat and you could feel even say for handing over the keys. what is the chance that your child could get injured if they are driving with their grandparents? according to the study, it is less than one in 100. if they are driving with their own parents that number of jobs cut by 33%. -- that number jumps up by 33%. the former leader of south africa but is marking a milestone. about 12 million children all across south america -- south africa started the day singing happy birthday to nelson
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mandela. he turns 92 years old today. the united nations declared july 18 as national nelson mandela day. >> the shuttle atlantis is now closing a chapter in history. the crew is leaving the international space station for the final time before -- before the final time. they posted an american flag that flew on the first space shuttle. the schedule is scheduled to land -- the shuttle is scheduled to land early on thursday in florida. >> the end of a very proud era. severe weather brought the house down over the weekend. a heavy storm moved in quickly and toppled the stage. a few people did get seriously hurt their. cheap trick members were thrown off their feet but none of them were hurt.
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look at that. the past couple of days, they are being pounded by big storms. pieces of that are coming this way. we may see a few isolated showers. this is typical heat and humidity for around here. as we get into the weekend, it is going to be excessive. let's get started. just a bit of debris is there now. just enough to knock the temperature down to 85 degrees. very pleasant there. elsewhere around the area, 90's are typical. 99 has been the high temperature in manassas so far. a little bit of a funnel system coming. this little bundle is moving to the southeast.
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you may see some of that here in the next few hours. that will move southeast so another opportunity for some parts. tomorrow afternoon, another chance of a few storms. then it is back to the heat and humidity. low of 90's across the board right now. a little bit of a breeze in quantico. this is not a made up number. it to issue a pretty good guide of what it feels like at the moment. it feels like 90 degrees in frederick at the moment. these temperatures are only going to get warmer over the next couple of days. 98 in minneapolis. 98 in oklahoma city. it feels like 113 in minneapolis, 114 and omaha. all of this is moving east.
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satellite shows and little bit of my start -- a little bit of moisture. there is a 50-50 chance we will see anything at all but we will track them for you. we will take an extended look coming up at 5:50. once that washes out, high- pressure sets off off the coast. everything comes together in the atmosphere to lock us into this excessive heat and humidity. air temperatures will be around 100 degrees. tomorrow isolated thunderstorms possible during the day. 93, a very humid. check out the next seven days. when you get heat of this level, very easy to do.
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that is tough stuff to deal with. >> we have not seen that. it is time now for our latest giveaway. >> that is cool. today's winners receive vip passes to audition for "who wants to be a millionaire?" here are today's winners. we'll be giving away five more of these audition spots tomorrow. here is a look at what is coming out tonight in prime time. it is "the bachelorettes." will she make a good impression on their families? argument ready to propose? -- are the men ready to propose?
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we hope to see you at 11:00. >> coming up, how twitter is helping medical officials. >> prosecutors said they tried to trick african-american voters into staying away from the polls. they say they are not guilty. i will have the story. >> paco jumped into action when two men tried to rob one of its local hangouts. you'll meet this little power house.
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surveillance video of little chihuahua barking out and chasing a pair of armed robbers. >> he may not look like a threat but he has taken a bite out of crime. >> meet this crime citing -- this crime fighting pooch. watch him in action as he goes into attack mode against these two armed robbers in california. he chases them out of the store and across the street. >> i was shocked to see what he did. it was amazing. >> the shop owner says he was already a local celebrity before this video went by row. every day he hops from shop to shop in this neighborhood. he even has its own dog bed in
5:26 pm
some stores. >> everybody in this area nose to -- knows who paco is. >> sometimes he wonders. >> is owner says he invested in several years ago and always thought of them more as a lover not a fighter. that is why he finds this video so surprising. >> everybody does started to laugh. the police for their and they were laughing. >> his crime-fighting ways have now earned him is very on superman cape. the thieves did manage to run away with some money but it would have been much worse without the help of paco. >> that is great. >> that was its territory. >> absolutely.
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>> coming up, it is going to be a story of survival. wait until you hear what's this went through and was still able to make a call. >> a new d.c. program that rebuild homes and lives. what's more than a million
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you are watching abc 7 news at 5:00, on your side. an early-morning fire has left a number of boat owners devastated. >> the fire broke out around 2:00 a.m. at the washington boat club record -- washington boat club. >> four boats destroyed. one of the docks here badly burned. $1 million worth of damage that has several members of this club still trying to come to grips with the reality of losing their dreams. firefighters had to fight the blaze from land and from water. this capt. has just renovated is about. >> it is devastating. i do not know really what to
5:31 pm
say. it is a terrible loss. >> i woke up and i heard a bunch of noise. i thought someone was trying to break in. i saw the flames were involving about three bouts. >> that is a heartbreaking part. >> he just had his boat appraised at about $100,000. >> i cannot believe that it is gone. >> i just lost a 30-but they liner. >> the washington yacht club has been here along the anacostia river for more than 100 years. it is a close-knit community of local voters to say this is the first time anything like this has ever happened here. >> a lot of sadness down here today.
5:32 pm
>> you can see these floating booms that have been placed in the water around the water. they are going to keep the debris from flooding into the anacostia river. meanwhile, fire and police investigators looking for clues trying to determine what started this fire. right now, it is being investigated as an accident. let's take a look at our top stories. nearly half the country is dealing with aggressive and dangerous heat. heat advisories are up now in 17 states stretching from texas to michigan. we're beginning to feel that heat here. by the end of the week, it is gone to be even hotter. >> d.c. police are looking for a gunman who shot and wounded a man near a barbershop in southeast. the shooting happened around noon on martin luther king jr. ave. the victim was shot multiple
5:33 pm
times outside of a pizza store and stumbled into the barber shop for help. >> a warning to runners and bikers who use a popular trail. the metropolitan branch trail has become a magnet for crime. another cyclist was robbed at gunpoint today. there has been a rash since may. >> controversial phone calls during the maryland governor's race landed two men in court today. they say they did nothing wrong. but prosecutors disagree. >> those prosecutors say this is a classic case of a voter suppression. it was last fall election night when felons in a number of communities -- when phones began to ring. it was an automated voice saying any message to stay away from the polls. " it was election day 2010 and things did not look good for bob
5:34 pm
ehrlich and his bid to unseat gov. martin o'malley. according to the state prosecutor he came up with an idea to slow turnout around a black voters. 112,00 numbers got a call that began -- a concluded this way. because of that, that they have been accused of voter suppression and charged with violating election laws. voters we spoke to call it a dirty trick. >> you are telling people to stay home. you do not have to worry about it? >> we have come a long wait about to get -- to get our rights. for someone it is not right. >> both men pleaded not guilty.
5:35 pm
>> i do not believe any evidence will show any conspiracy, and the suppression. >> he has been more vocal. >> no law was violated. nothing in that call. >> the message he was trying to get was, counter intuitive. he was trying to motivate voters to get out. all of these questions will be answered at trial, which has now been scheduled for september. they were a no show in court today, but the latest case against them has been continued. she claimed she paid a couple for transportation for a virginia wine to work. the couple never responded her money for that trip. a lawyer representing the couple
5:36 pm
says papers were improperly served in this case. today marks the grand prix opening -- marks the grant reopening the for the african civil war museum. it has been around for 10 years but it moved to a new location. the new location is four times the size of the old one. time now for a check on the traffic situation. >> typical delays on all the major interstates, with the exception of the beltway. that is a little heavier than usual. we have some heavy delays from 270 to 66. very slow right now on the inner loop of the beltway between the george washington parkway in new hampshire ave. coming up, new evidence that
5:37 pm
concussion suffered from playing sports could have a serious effect later in life. >> i never wanted any of you to die for me. >> harry potter's grand finale marks the end of an era. >> if you think you pay way to a bunch to procure in d.c., wait until you see what they are paying and other big cities.
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did harry potter make magic at the box of this all weekend long? >> you can say that again. it broke all opening weekend records. it passed quite a spell on audiences. including you know who. >> it has been very helpful so far. harry potter broke all records this weekend. it does mark the end of an era. >> harry potter's grand finale breaks the all-time opening day
5:41 pm
box office records. it caps a decade of seven malls -- seven novels. many in the audience grew up with harry potter. >> i am 15 now. >> you grew up with this stuff? >> yes. >> result together, the first one. we were in fourth grade. >> it is like growing up through this whole movie series. >> harry potter will live on through the amusement parks bucks. -- books. $169 million for the boy was hurt. -- wizard. this weekend brings another super hero.
5:42 pm
justin timeberlake is turning into a huge movie star. >> he is extremely talented. >> age should be interesting. harry potter, i think it is great. >> you are a fan. >> i am. >> good to see you today. >> next up, betty white and it's a very special and bite. -- invite. >> in terms of complaining about certain issues. >> more and more people are treating about their illnesses. one local hospital is using that to take america's pulse.
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much of what you read on twitter might seem like mindless chatter. >> tweets can be useful to public health officials. >> we have the story. >> a trade that might be too
5:46 pm
much information -- 9 >> i think it is something that people should keep to themselves. >> she does not appreciate the tweets about feeling sick. >> it is really nice to know about certain remedies. if i hear someone has had a particular success with a particular medication. >> researchers filtered through more than 2 billion tweets. they found that 1.5 million related to health and illnesses. this professor says using twitter to track what people are saying about their health can help experts better understand what people are sick with and how they can treat it. >> we know that people are using benedryll to treat allergies. they're also using it to treat
5:47 pm
insomnia at night. >> he says this information can help experts clear up some of those misconceptions and taylor messages to what people are treating -- tweeting about. >> this opens up a whole new opportunity. >> three sisters say using twitter to attract illnesses -- researchers say that using twitter to buttrack illnesses. goes to -- those who tweet about their health usually only do it once. >> 7 is on your side but -- a new studies suggest that repeated blows to the head. researchers surveyed more than
5:48 pm
500 retired players. one in the three showed evidence of dementia. if you are shopping around for a smaller car, you might want to wait a few more months. the average car is at $20,500. the price should drop to 19,300 by the end of the gear. japan's biggest carmakers will produce more compact cars. production had been slow because of the earthquake. it smart phones were smart enough to top and iphone survived a fall from 13,000 feet. its owner but the following in his pants pocket when he went skydiving. on the way down, it landed on top of a building. he used a gps tracking app to
5:49 pm
find the fallen. -- the phone. this is becoming the hottest ticket in hollywood. >> i would like to take betty white. she is funny. she is sweet. she is mature. she is the all-around perfect woman. >> that is sergeant ray lewis and he posted this video on youtube. he asked the actress to be is date for the marine corps ball. he says they would have a good time together. no word yet whether she would say yes. >> maybe they ought to triple date. >> betty white would be so much fun. >> you know it. >> she is hysterical, we hope
5:50 pm
she says yes. >> there is hope for mature women. >> are you looking for a marine now? >> you do not have to travel. it might be hard to believe but the president says there is progress. there is the potential for a presidential veto. find out which plan that he does not like. plans for a local museum appear to be in big trouble. the latest on that story at 6:00. i will be getting my marine ball dress. it is hot right now but it is going to get hotter. >> it is going to be excessively hot and humid. we have been watching a few
5:51 pm
storms move across pennsylvania. that has gone as far south as maryland right now. we could see thunderstorms later tonight in parts of the area. you see a number moving down this way. temperature, around the 90 degree mark. we are in the ballpark. the humidity makes its feel warmer. it feels like 98 in manassas. it feels like 99 in the city. here is an update on the second tropical storm this season. it is moving northeast. it should pass south east of bermuda. nothing significant there. we will call for a hot and humid day tomorrow. 93 for a high. after that, we will be wishing
5:52 pm
for showers and storms. paris, friday, saturday, sunday. around 100 degrees. it will feel even warmer. is the place to go for all the information. the amount of energy they use taking off in this hot air. a lot of information. i cannot believe how close we came to pulling it off. >> they should have won. they were definitely the better team. the women's world cup final set the record for tweets per second. 200 tweets per second. the japanese women were not nearly as talented as the usa.
5:53 pm
japan won its first ever world cup. the other topic of conversation clark winning the british open. he is 42 years old. he wins his first major by three shots. the first time he has ever been in contention in a major in years. a very normal likable guy. the 2011 british open champion. >> this week has been incredible. the people like me and they all seem very pleased. i have so many people that i would like to think along the way. >> it is amazing that the small country of northern ireland has now produced three major champions and the last 13 months.
5:54 pm
he sharpened the spotlight on northern ireland. >> the three majors in 13 months that is unprecedented. >> when you look at darren, all seven yesterday, he played one of the greatest games of golf that you will ever see. >> the maturity, the confidence, and its ability to knock them down. >> they are loving this over there.
5:55 pm
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what is that? oh, we call it the bundler. let's say you need home and auto insurance. you give us your information once, online... [ whirring and beeping ] [ ding! ] and we give you a discount on both. sort of like two in one. how did you guys think of that? it just came to us. what? bundling and saving made easy. now, that's progressive. call or click today. vincent gray launched an unusual jobs program this afternoon. >> it has already rebuilt their spirits.
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>> last year, michael jackson lost his job at a local lumber company. the hardest part for the single father of two was not giving the eight-year-old and a seven-year- old the future they dreamed of. >> i felt like i cannot do this. >> today the mayor but jackson and others to work. when they finish renovating the apartment buildings, they will be able to live in them. >> they cannot wait for that. just to get a place where i can cook and they can sit down and enjoy themselves. >> the program involves 12 homeless or formerly homeless residents of the district. >> we're not going to protect to insulate our own places. i am excited. >> they had a big challenge ahead of them. >> there is a bedroom right here.
5:59 pm
>> they have learned the basics of electrical, plumbing, and carpentry work. enough that they hope to get another job opera this one. -- another job after this one. and give their children the future they dream does. >> i am glad for this opportunity. but coming up at 6:00, another summer sizzler is under way. get ready for temperatures to approach triple digits new information on the british hack attack. the person who started the investigation is now dead. president obama is talking about a veto for a big one of these plans. all the stories right now at 6:00. captioned by the national captioning institute --www.ncicap.o

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